WE Charity pulls out of $912-million contract with Trudeau government

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“In order to remove any question whatsoever concerning WE Charity’s motivation for becoming involved in this initiative, WE Charity waives all costs associated with the creation and administration of the program. To be clear, any funds earmarked for WE Charity staff or WE Charity administration will be returned in full to the government,” the Kielburgers wrote.

But despite WE’s departure from the program, many questions remain unanswered in this “scandal”, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh reacted on social media.

“This doesn’t clear up why and how the decision was made in the first place. It doesn’t answer how young Canadians and countless organizations across the country will get the support they need. The Prime Minister still needs to answer for this scandal,” Singh wrote on Twitter.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer also reacted by expressing his dissatisfaction towards answers provided by government to date.

“Trudeau handed a massive $900M contract to a charity with close ties to his family & the Liberal Party. He claimed it was the ‘best and only organization able to deliver’. Conservatives demand an investigation and suddenly the contract is cancelled. Coincidence? I think not,” Andrew Scheer wrote on Twitter.

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