the Christmas gifts every fan wants under their tree

You’ve bought the books, stayed up until the wee hours of Monday mornings inhaling the final season and, looking towards the Thrones-less year to come, you’re finally starting to feel the loss of Game of Thrones.

For fans in post-series mourning (hello, friends), Game of Thrones merchandise is an obvious choice to pad out a Christmas list and hold on to a little bit of Westeros. Over the years, the acclaimed show has gone above and beyond to create everything a fan might need; limited edition wines, designer capsule collections (previously with John Varvatos), cookbooks, swords and more. 

Yet, as if the everlasting wait for its final season wasn’t rough enough, HBO no longer gives UK fans access to their official merchandise site. 

Luckily, there is no shortage of Game of Thrones gifts across the internet and we’ve curated a list of the very best to ensure your favourite show is never forgotten.

These are the best Game of Thrones gifts and merchandise worth asking Father Christmas for this year:

1. Game of Thrones T-shirt

£10 – £16.01, Amazon

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