Letters to the Editor, July 21


Re “Costly decisions ahead for TDSB” (The Canadian Press, July 20): Looking at tabled options for possible return to classroom in September — too much, I suspect, for logic to sneak its way into this conversation. One idea tabled suggests they shorten the school day. Whaaaaaat? So you have already exposed all the staff and students to possible infection by noon, so let’s send everyone home sooner? I can’t even … Hybrid classes? See above. In class with modifications or out — anything in between sends lives and productivity off the rails. Stupidity is infinite. We will run out of money, hospital beds and patience, but as God as my witness, there will always be stupidity!

Monique Simandl


(The kids need to get back into school, the fall surely we can figure this out)z


Re “Masks should be mandatory inside restaurants and bars: Tory” (The Canadian Press, July 19): If John Tory thinks people should wear masks in restaurants and bars in the City of Toronto then he should initiate a bylaw to make it so. He should take responsibility for the decision and any negative blowback and not hide try to hide behind the premier. This letter is a spineless tactic. If the province mandates masks and bar and restaurant owners complain, it’s not John Tory’s fault — it was a provincial decision. If masks aren’t mandated by the premier and someone catches COVID-19, it’s not John Tory’s fault — he sent a letter recommending masks.

David Montgomery


(This is a political football and each level of government will look to blame the other)


What is happening in our city? Bicycles on the sidewalk, pedestrians walking in the middle of the street. Is anyone playing by the rules any more? Try driving at the new lower speed limits and see how many other drivers become angry. Toronto used to be a good city, lately it has become Tor-wrong-to, no thanks to our spineless mayor and the lefties on city council.

Darwin Bruce


(And it will only get worse as more road space is taken away)



There was a time once when a body of people might make a request to a higher authority for an improved benefit, or privilege, or to address a grievance. If the request was not met with approval, they would argue their case and maybe settle for the best outcome. But not in my Canada today. The culture today appears to be to make demands and not budge until those demands are granted. We have people camped out in the city park and demanding part of the area for their sole use, and have declared their intention to stay put until their demands are met. Some people are throwing paint over city statues to emphasize their demands. When some vandals were arrested, they demanded that their members be released. Canada the polite, eh?

Bob Baxter


(We are too quickly losing the ability to have any rational conversation anymore. No debate and no reasonable discourse

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